Fancy playing friendly but competitive basketball games every week, showing off your skills, and being a part of an awesome group of guys and girls?

Then we have exactly what you're looking for!

Our basketball games

PlayFit is London's social basketball club, bringing together basketball players in London for good quality social games since 2004.

Our games are mixed, for guys and girls, and there are different skill levels so you can enjoy playing weekly games and social events with similar players.

You can choose to play every week or occasionally, whatever works for you.

Our basketball sessions start with a little practise time followed by friendly but competitive games.

We encourage communication between our players, and we have team talks at the start and at half-time, so you and your teammates can play well and improve together.

Players are expected to have a positive attitude, get everyone involved, good communication, willingness to play hard on defense as well as offense, and be an all-round team player.

There's an average of 12 players at each session, and we have a limit of 15 players maximum.

We often go for a drink after the games and also have regular social events which you'll be invited to at the games, and you'll have a great time and make some good friends!

Weekly basketball timetable

Here's the current weekly basketball timetable:


You can play every week and pay monthly (as a member), or you can play occasionally when there's space available and pay as you play (as a non-member).

Pay as you play

£ 11.50 per session, which must be paid online in advance.

*Due to Covid-19 the sports halls are adding a cleaning surcharge, so we have to add 50p to the session fee, total £12.

Non-members must book their place through our Meetup group. Click here to go to the group, then request to join, and once you're accepted you can see the full session details, check for available places, and pay online using a bank card or PayPal.


£ 42 per month + £ 42 joining fee (equivalent to £ 9.70 per week), paid by monthly subscription.

Member benefits include: your place is reserved each week and you can just turn up, and if we have less than 12 players at any of the other basketball sessions on the same day then members can play extra games for free.

If you would like to become a member then we ask you to play as a non-member first, so we can be sure you're ok for the session, and you can be sure the session is right for you. Once we confirm this then you can join as a member.

Basketball vest

The first couple of times you come to play, please bring a red/orange top and also a blue/black top.

After that you'll need to buy a standard reversible basketball vest from us which is just £ 18.


Terms & conditions

We need to keep our players, coaches, referees, volunteers, spectators and other personnel safe. By playing at our games or attending our games or events you agree to participate in a friendly, co-operative and sensible manner and adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

Covid-19 guidelines

In line with government, NHS, Basketball England and Volleyball England guidance we've put into place Covid-19 guidelines which will help to minimise the risk of infection. The Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving and guidance will change so please check before attending each session.

By playing at or attending any our sports sessions you agree to strictly adhere to the government guidelines, NHS guidelines, and our Covid-19 guidelines (following the most restrictive).

All players must complete the waiver form and a separate Test And Trace form before playing. Click here to see the Covid-19 guidelines and to complete the waiver form and Test And Trace form.


Ready to come and play?

Click here to go to the group, and request to join, and once you're accepted you can see the full session details, check for available places, and pay online using a bank card or PayPal.

Pay monthly membership

Benefits of being a pay monthly member

One of the limited places is reserved for you every week and you can just turn up, and it works out cheaper to pay monthly.

Cost of paying monthly

£ 42 per month + £ 42 joining fee (equivalent to £ 9.70 per week), which you pay by standing order.

*For the rest of 2020 there will be no joining fee, so it's a good time to become a member.

How to set up your membership standing order

Step 1: message us for the bank account details.

Send us a message on the Contact page here, stating which session you want to become a member of, and request our bank account details, and we'll send it to you.

Step 2: make a one-off payment for this current month.

Count how many sessions are remaining this month and multiply it by the non-member fee of £ 12. If you haven't yet purchased a reversible basketball vest from us then please add £ 18. Make an immediate bank transfer payment for this amount and add a payment reference "SURNAME-BBALL", adding your surname there so we know the payment is from you.

Step 3: set up a monthly standing order from the 1st of next month.

Log into your online banking and set up a monthly standing order for £ 42 to be paid on the 1st of each month, starting next month, and make sure you add a payment reference "SURNAME-BBALL".

Step 4: let us know when you've done this.

Send us a message on the Contact page here to let us know that you've made the current month's payment and have set up the standing order from next month, and we'll confirm it and mark you as a member of your chosen basketball session. If you've paid for a reversible basketball vest then we'll bring one for you at your next basketball session.