About our sports games

We play social team sports every week to stay fit, have something fun to look forward to, meet people and expand our network, and enjoy some competitive games.

Friendly team play is encouraged as we all want to enjoy the games together, improve our skills, learn to support each other in our different positions, and go home in one piece.

If this is what you're looking for then book yourself in to play with us at our next sports sessions.


Reasons why you should come and play:

Stay active

Stay active, play some sport and enjoy a little competition

Meet people

A chance to grow your network and build lifelong friendships

Team spirit

Be a part of a fun team of guys and girls

Social events

Enjoyable evenings and days out with your teammates

Quality courts

We play at some of the best courts in London

Easy locations

We pick courts near tube stations so they're easy to reach from all over town

Your options

Your choice of team sports

You can choose between basketball, volleyball, netball, football, dodgeball and badminton.

Games to suit your abilities

We have sessions for sporty beginners, sessions for experienced intermediate level players, and sessions for advanced players who have played for many years in high level teams.

In some sessions we may do some coaching to help the group improve their skills and understand the game and rules better.

Make it a routine or play occasionally

We have a limited number of places available at each of our 9 weekly sports sessions. Most of the players have been playing for many years and pay monthly, so one of the limited places is reserved for them, and they can just turn up each week.

We also offer newer players the chance to pay per session, so they can get a feel for the games and make sure they enjoy them, or if they can only play occasionally then they can check weekly to see if a place is available.


Terms & conditions

We need to keep our players, coaches, referees, volunteers, spectators and other personnel safe. By playing at our games or attending our games or events you agree to participate in a friendly, co-operative and sensible manner and adhere to our Terms & Conditions.

Covid-19 guidelines

In line with government, NHS, Basketball England and Volleyball England guidance we've put into place Covid-19 guidelines which will help to minimise the risk of infection. The Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving and guidance will change so please check before attending each session.

By playing at or attending any our sports sessions you agree to strictly adhere to the government guidelines, NHS guidelines, and our Covid-19 guidelines (following the most restrictive).

All players must complete the waiver form and a separate Test And Trace form before playing. Click here to see the Covid-19 guidelines and to complete the waiver form and Test And Trace form.

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6 weekly sessions


3 weekly sessions